Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ancient Cold War Relic Marches On

Doing his best to continue provoking future adversaries, Little Boots signed the bizarrely named "NATO Freedom Consolidation Act" into law yesterday. The outdated organization is going to expand it's roster with Albania, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia and Ukraine. Albania!

This is just garbage for a number of reasons. NATO was formed decades ago ostensibly as a defensive alliance to counter a Soviet invasion. Whatever use it had evaporated when the Soviet Union imploded. It's entire reason to exist disappeared. In the late 90s it desperately floundered around trying to find some new missions to justify it's continuance and after a good amount of bullshit propaganda, bombed the hell out of Yugoslavia. Now it's an interventionist enforcer that muscles it's way into "economic, social and political difficulties...ethnic and religious rivalries, territorial disputes, inadequate or failed efforts at reform, the abuse of human rights, and the dissolution of states," as it stated in 1999.

Enticing lots of new countries to join is a direct provocation to Russia. Expanding NATO means construction of more new bases right up to Russia's borders. Anybody remember the Domino Theory from years past? One of those phony excuses to scare americans into thinking the Big Bad Commies were grabbing more and more small countries until they'd wind up in Cincinnati. This is a true Domino Theory, only in reverse.

But here's the real scam. There's a stipulation that NATO countries have to come up with sizable investments in new military equipment and a lot of the newest members can't pony up. No problem says the Deciderer, we'll give you subsidized loans (meaning piles of our tax dollars) to buy the stuff. Guess who eventually profits? The Deciderer's buddies, as naked corporate welfare rears it's ugly head again. Hmmm, think Halliburton can take some time off from raking in the cash in Iraq to go rake in the cash building those new bases?

And then there's always the threat that NATO would actually set it's sights on this country. With our military currently being destroyed by design, and economic meltdown a looming certainty, I wouldn't bet against it. Better bone up on your Albanian.


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