Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pentagon Officer Created Phony Intel On Iraq/al-Qaeda Link

Well jeepers, of course they did. That's because 'Al Qaeda' is a phony manufactured intelligence front, a CIA construct dating back to the late 70's. It's an 'islamic' false flag organization that enables the CIA to commit crimes in the name of muslims.

Let me just ask a question. Before the US invaded and occupied Iraq, was there any evidence of 'Al Qaeda' in Saddam Hussein's Iraq aside from the fevered imagination of lying warmongers? No, because the US hadn't invaded and controlled the country yet. As soon as the US invaded and controlled the country we wound up with 'Al Qaeda in Iraq', a CIA front which gives the US and Israel the excuse it needs to continue the occupation and establish bases to control the region.

The intelligence agencies are using it's AQ front to create fear and hatred of muslims worldwide. AQ pops up just when the fascists need them the most, and fake AQ cells are created whenever the need arises to justify atrocities.

Fear is the fascists' greatest weapon for control, so fear is what we get to keep us in line. Of course those incidents that inevitably happen to remind us about the boogeymen are perpetrated by the very people who promise to protect us. The mainstream media is complicit in this protection racket; the information outlets are corrupt with intelligence operatives so we'll never get the truth, only more invented lies.

Remember the Peace Dividend? That will o' the wisp commodity that we were all looking forward to during that fleetingly giddy time after communism collapsed? All that money that could be redirected from defense spending to actually improve life in the United States? That threat to corporate profit was conveniently done away with the manufactured rise of the big bad Islamic Threat, which neatly took the stage after the Commie Threat got the hook.

9/11 was the inside job that fingered Islam as public nightmare #1 and 'Al Qaeda' is the media construction that the fascists use to get away with murder.

And it was a very useful tool to excuse the invasion and occupation of Iraq.


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