Saturday, April 07, 2007

US Releases World Class Terrorist

In another move that shows in no uncertain terms that the "Global War on Terror" is a fake scam, a very real terrorist will be released from custody to live with his wife in Miami.

"A federal judge has ordered the release of a former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles wanted by Cuba and Venezuela for plotting the deadly bombing of a Cuban jetliner which killed dozens of people.
The judge ordered the Cuban-born Venezuelan national released on a 350,000 dollars bail on condition that he remain confined to his Miami home and submit to "electronic monitoring," according to a federal court order in El Paso, Texas.
Posada Carriles, a tough opponent of the Cuban President Fidel Castro, is accused of masterminding the downing of a Cuban jet off Barbados in 1976 in which 73 people were killed. He was arrested in Venezuela in 1976 and convicted in the case, but fled prison in 1985.

(Carriles also was involved with the failed 1962 Bay of Pigs invasion against Castro and is also accused of tourist bombings in Havana in 1997.)

He was also sentenced to eight years' jail in Panama in a bomb plot to assassinate Castro during an Ibero-American summit there in 2000, but was pardoned by outgoing president Mireya Moscoso.
Posada Carriles was detained by U.S. immigration officials in May 2005 for entering the United States illegally. Now the U.S. immigration authorities say the ruling disappointed them and they will arrest him as soon as he is out. Washington refuses to release Posada to Cuba and Venezuela, saying that he might be tortured. At the same time, the judicial system has refused to free him, calling him a threat to the national security. Declassified U.S. documents show that Posada Carriles worked for the CIA from 1965 to June 1976. He reportedly helped the U.S. government ferry supplies to the Contra rebels that waged a bloody campaign to topple the socialist Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the 1980s."

This real terrorist, unlike the dead Osama that supposedly outwitted the multi trillion dollar defenses of the US from a cave in Afghanistan, has a track record that can be proven. Proven very easily because the records are in CIA files as he worked for them while terrorizing the people of Nicaragua. He managed the murder of Orlando Letelier, and Wikipedia categorizes it this way:
"His murder caused an international scandal as until 9/11, it was the most infamous act of international terrorism ever to take place in the capital of the United States."

This man was a valuable asset for the fascists which is why he gets the royal treatment and protection. Claiming he won't be extradited to aggrieved countries because he 'might be tortured' is ludicrous in the extreme considering this country's penchant for activities like that. How many more glaring examples are we going to see that proves we've been massively lied to about the phonied up war on terror?


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