Tuesday, April 03, 2007

O'Donnel's Ominous Opinions

Everybody knows by now the furor that Rosie O'Donnell created by stating her opinions on the TV show "The View". It seems that expressing your judgments about 9/11 and asking legitimate questions needs to be vilified and condemned and marginalized by the brownshirted bootlickers. That's their job, you see.

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Here's the way I see it - the fascists are scared. You can tell how much of a threat something or someone is to the fascist ideology by how much they go on the attack. And boy have they responded to Rosie. For her to express doubts about the idiotic 9/11 fairy tale cover story and trash the current Iran hysteria in the MSM means they have to crush this public dissent and try to make an example out of her. That's the fascist way; you must very publicly destroy the threat of a good example.

Just like the Dixie Chicks who dared to express a bad opinion of Precious Leader, Rosie will have to endure vicious bombasts, slander and threats to her life. The brownshirts are going to go all out on her because of several reasons. She's an easy target for them, to be sure; they'll pile on for her physical appearance and blunt delivery. And hey, she's a woman. She brought more viewership to The View.But the biggest reason Rosie is such a threat to them is when she's on TV and the type of audience her show attracts. Call it fascism's soft underbelly - stay at home wives, mothers and elderly - the type of folks who normally would never hear anyone state unequivocally that the WTC had explosives in them or that Iran isn't going to nuke us. Having those folks see an outspoken woman on the tube expressing opinions that are contrary to the authoritarian mindset must be giving BushCo nightmares.

So the reichwing pretends she's engaged in "hate speech" when she asks questions, or that she's a "loon" for not toeing the fascist line and they want to shut her up and get her fired.

But bad news for them, she's not going to let up.


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