Saturday, April 07, 2007

America's Dictator

It's hard to pin down any predictions about who's going to be installed as the next president. I thought for a while that our overlords were toying with Hillary as sort of a good cop act after after a particularly bad cop episode. With the repugs' reputation in free fall it might be plausible for them to choose a democratic team to make it look like the government cares and all that, all the while expanding domestic control. I say install because the electoral system is permanently corrupt and broken on a national level.

But now I'm leaning toward them picking Giuliani, despite the massive perfidious baggage he brings. I'm thinking he's going to be the one for several reasons.

We're about to enter into very tough times. Aside from the disastrous fallout from any wider war in the middle east, financially we're going down the tubes. The weather is going to hit us hard as we enter into this next solar maximum. The 9/11 masterminds could be about to wallop us with a replay. Hell, even the honeybees are disappearing, which could turn out to be far worse than people realise. Giuliani has this undeserved reputation as being a steady and strong leader during crises so he may be chosen for the role to get a majority of the sheep lined up behind him when things go to hell in a hand basket.

The crisis where he supposedly triumphed and what he loves to brag about is of course 9/11, imprimatur of all the corrupt fascism that followed. Rudy boy was very instrumental in ensuring local success of that operation, and the overlords will reward efforts along those lines. After all, Clinton secured the cocaine/guns pipeline during the 80s when an airport was needed for smuggling to and from the Contras and I believe he was given the presidency partly because of his loyalty. Far from being the steady rock that pulled New York together on Black Tuesday, Giuliani was the vicious enforcer that made sure that day and the aftermath went smoothly.

*After the first attempt to bring the WTC down in 1993, Giuliani had a command center built on the 23rd floor in WTC 7 and illegally stored 6000 gallons of diesel fuel for 'emergencies', thus creating a fine excuse for it's eventual demolition collapse. The building housed the Securities & Exchange Commission as well as an IRS office and thousands of pending cases conveniently went poof.

*He knew the towers were going to come down beforehand and because of faulty radios allowed the firemen and cops to die.

*Banksters were frantic to get the damned stock exchange back up and running. Giuliani lied about the air quality in lower Manhattan and condemned thousands to a lifetime of sickness:
"The air quality is safe and acceptable. I know there are people concerned and worried about it, but that's just the reality,"
Rudolph Giuliani, 9/28/01

*He speeded up the pace of the cleanup, even though it was a massive crime scene with crucial evidence that was hurriedly turned to scrap to be melted in China or buried in a dump. Rather than try to retrieve any more victim remains, about 6 weeks into the cleanup he ordered the bulldozers in to 'scoop and dump' which caused a riot between his cops and firefighters, who wanted to find every buried colleague.

It's interesting to remember that Giuliani was generally disliked as mayor of NY before 9/11. Heavy handed police tactics with itchy trigger fingers, racial profiling and a war against street artists made a lot of people despise him. At times he was labelled a dictator. His personal life was a mess with financial woes, conflicts of interest and lawsuits aplenty, along with a failed marriage that forced him to move in with some buddies. But his mythic redemption started and he suddenly became 'America's Mayor' with 9/11. Forget about his crimes from back then listed above; he became Times Person Of The Year for 2001 which featured this treacly slop:

"He left the TV on through the night in case the terrorists struck again, and he parked his muddy boots next to the bed in case he needed to head out fast. But he was not going to be doing any sleeping. Lying in bed, with the skyscrapers exploding over and over again on his TV screen, he pulled out a book--Churchill, the new biography by Roy Jenkins--turned straight to the chapters on World War II and drank in the Prime Minister's words: I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.
There is a bright magic at work when one great leader reaches into the past and finds another waiting to guide him."

So along with being a successful water carrier for the fascists Giuliani obtained a new and improved public persona from the corrupt MSM. They got away with overlooking his shameful behavior and pretend he's a trusted servant of the people. I've watched how he's automatically tagged as the front runner for the GOP nomination despite his lousy reputation with New Yorkers, all his considerable baggage and his current wife's ugly history of dog operations. But I think our ruling class will want a guy in power who's not going to be afraid to pull some strong arm tactics and shady deals when necessary, and he's got the resume to prove it. Aren't people rewarded for service to the agenda instead of civil service these days? That's why at this early stage I think they're going to install Giuliani, even if it pisses off the Ferret People.

Heckuva job, Rudy.


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