Thursday, April 12, 2007

Emmanuel Goldstein Comes To Africa

It truly IS peculiar that Al Qaeda seems to show up whenever the fascists need them the most.
They release their recordings just in time to try to influence elections, blow things up to get people at each others' throats and serve to remind and refrighten us about the threat of more 9/11 style events.

Of course that's because Al Qaeda is mainly just the front group for ziofascists, in existence to provide the needed backdrop to justify the resource grab and militarization so much in play these days. Whenever I hear about bombings and AQ in the same breath it's a sure bet to me that that corner of the world is about to enjoy the tender attention of our overlords, and especially when the operation targets lots of innocent people in the streets. Such was the case for what just happened yesterday in Algeria.

"With a suicide attack in the heart of Algiers, you have an escalation to a new level," said Jean-Louis Bruguiere, France's top antiterrorism magistrate. "It's unquestionably an attempt at destabilization and a sign of the emergence of Al Qaeda in the Maghreb as an organization."

Right on cue there, monsieur Bruguiere. Nothing like making sure the rubes get the message in no uncertain terms that the mysterious, omnipresent boogeymen are associated with this latest outrage, to plant that thought in our heads so we solemnly nod along with our leaders when they rail 'bout them terrists.

Funny thing, though, about this bombing and other signs of "emergence" in Africa. Back on Feb. 6 "Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the creation of AFRICOM, which will ultimately be responsible for all of Africa except Egypt, which has existing military ties with U.S. Central Command. AFRICOM’s purpose is to make Africa the primary concern of one combatant command instead of a “secondary or tertiary” concern for three other commands.."
In other words Africa was soon to be the front lines in the war on terror. Of course just like in Somalia, which got extra special attention late last year and then suffered a US backed invasion earlier this year, timing is important. It's ever so convenient to have bombs going off and blamed on AQ just when you need validation for your sudden interest in the area.

Think maybe oil has something to do with shifting much of this 'war on terror' to Africa? You bet it does. The author of "Untapped: The Scramble for Africa's Oil", John Ghazvinian, lays out several reasons why you're going to see a lot more scurrilous pandemonium and military madness in that continent. The sweet quality of the oil, the fact that most new finds are off shore and the countries there are non members of OPEC and are likely to be compliant producers all make Africa pretty appealing to the overlords. In other words you're likely to see a lot more bombs going off in a curiously timely fashion a la Algeria. After all they don't call it the global war on terror for nothin'.


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