Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Only Question is When

The wider war in the middle east will commence, that is. I'm not the only one who's been convinced the fascists will provoke a full blown war with Iran. US forces are already operating inside that country, preparing targets and stirring up local subversion to Tehran. When this flares into open warfare, and I'm convinced it's only a matter of timing, it will have been the most telegraphed conflict in modern history, the most easily foreseen. The state of world affairs is swirling the bowl which is just how our Lords of Chaos want it. Too many people are waking up to the horrors unleashed by the fascists, which is why they're about to pour it on again.

Bob Moriarty sees it coming too - Fear the October Surprise
"In any case, the world is in for another six weeks of the greatest danger of nuclear war since the dark days of October of 1962. George 2nd is madder than a hatter. There is a good chance this administration will do anything to prevent the Democrats for taking either the House of Representatives or the Senate. It's entirely possible that Karl Rove will incinerate America before allowing the investigations that would be part and parcel of a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. They are the ones who vote on Impeachment and it's clear to anyone who listens to Americans speak these days, if we lived in a democracy, Bush would be toast."

Karl Rove is even openly promising some variation on SHTF next month.

It was speculated that the proposed Iranian oil bourse would prompt an attack to keep the dollar tied to world oil trades and that may still be true. The petrodollar is also threatened by Russia selling it's oil in rubles so the fascists may figure now they've got nothing left to lose. Israel is keeping the pressure on for the US to engage Iran militarily. It's possible that all the tough talk has backed the fascists into a corner where they have to put up or shut up all of their threats and supposed deadlines.

There are a lot of things propelling this headlong rush to an inferno in the middle east and possibly even global conflagration, but I think there are two other overlooked reasons why Iran will be struck.

When Tehran announced they were going to start enriching uranium for electric power, the zionazis siezed on that excuse to spread the lie about WMDs just like the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. There's another side to this story. In the enrichment process for every ton of uranium produced and enriched about 250 lbs is the desired product U-235, while the rest is U-238, or depleted uranium.
The military saw the potential for tipping projectiles with this extremely dense metal in the 50's and first used it liberally in the Gulf War. They since used it widely as it's the optimum munition against heavy armor and buildings. Only about 8 countries have stockpiles of DU that can be effectively made into munitions. It's possible the US military wants to keep it's overwhelming advantage in this area, and prevent Iran from joining this exclusive club.

The other reason we might be on the cusp of fresh horror has a lot to do with american politics, past and present. With the midterm diebold selection process coming up, the fascists must keep the people traumatized, fearful and rallied around the codpiece. Any outbreak of warfare effectively makes that happen.
Iran holds a secret, though, that if exposed would enrage the population against the repugs beyond the point that Rove and his manipulations could contain it.
In November, 1979, students empowered by a new Iranian regime stormed the US embassy in Tehran and took 66 hostages in what quickly turned into a crisis that lasted 444 days. The presidential election in november the next year between Reagan and the incumbent Carter was consumed with this issue. Obviously there were no touch screen vote machines to tweak back then and the Reagan team was terrified that Carter would secure the hostages' release, then win the election.
Iran was then at war with Iraq and needed munitions and spare parts. The Reagan people, including soo-to-be vice president G.H.W. Bush decided to cut a deal with Iran:
"According to the October Surprise theory, members of the Reagan-Bush campaign cut a secret deal with the Ayatollah Khomeini, to keep the hostages from being released before the November 4, 1980 presidential election."
Iran got a lot of weapons, the american election happened and Carter lost, the hostages were released by the Iranians minutes after Reagan took the oath of office.

I'm sure Ahmadinejad has all kinds of audio and video of those negotiations. Just what would the fascists do to keep us from knowing it?


Also - Why Bush Will Nuke Iran by Paul Craig Roberts.


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