Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Toppling the next Domino

A lot has been written about the empire's next target - Iran. (Along with Syria as a two for one bonus) With the Iranian oil bourse scheduled to open in March and the petrodollar threatened, an attack on the country has been considered a fait accompli, with the latest round of nuclear fear mongering as the pretext. Israel might initiate a first strike using the bunker busters bought from the US, and rely on American air refueling capabilities. After severe retaliation by surviving Iranian forces, including missile strikes on Tel Aviv and the green zone in Baghdad, the US would deliver a devastating air assault that might include nukes. Oil shipments would cease, untold numbers of people would die and radioactive clouds would drift across Asia and eventually around the world.

An attack of this magnitude is sure to bring some very ugly scenarios into play. While the fascists have alienated the entire world with the invasion and rape of Iraq, murdering Iranians and destroying their country would buy endless hatred, if not bring on WW3. Economies might crumble, collapsing trade and souring relations across the globe ending in a world in flames. And with an already stressed out military our warmongers will have bitten off more than they could chew.

But what if there was another way the fascists could steal their oil, a way that would avoid such nasty scenarios, and even be seen as a good deed by people who watch Faux News?

A little digging on Iran showed me that out of the country's 30 provinces, the one with most of the oil is Khuzestan - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabistan

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That it's also called Arabistan should alert people to the fact that the population is mostly non Persian. The Arabs there prefer to use another name - Al Ahwaz. It sits at the top of the Persian Gulf and borders Iraq and Kuwait. The land produces up to 5 million barrels of oil a day, about 20% of total OPEC production. Although the place is rich in resources the people have been oppressed for decades, chafing under what they see as abuse from Persian interests with much of their wealth flowing to Tehran. The place is ripe for insurrection.
A plan to seperate this province from Iran HAS to have been thought up by the oil thieves, but aside from the ugly and messy business of war above, how might they achieve this?

I'd like to mention here that the fascists always want to kill many birds with one stone, so to speak. All their actions have multilayered and overlapping desired results. So synthetic terror such as 9/11 benefitted them in many ways for an example - pretext for the planned invasion of Afghanistan, a way to ram draconian legislation through, create a climate of fear etc. And another modus operandi is to create a scenario where their actions can be seen in a more favorable light.

Tehran happens to sit on several fault lines that a lot of scientists predict will cut loose with a large quake, which will be extremely devastating to the 12 million who live there. As a matter of fact, the Iranians have wanted to move the capital somewhere else even before the Bam earthquake 2 years ago - http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/CF6C0B65-7D30-4508-B805-39C119BF9D19.htm

The science of artificially inducing earthquakes has been known for decades. July 11 1935 - in the New York American an article entitled 'Tesla's Controlled Earthquakes' reported that Tesla's "experiments in transmitting mechanical vibrations through the Earth - called by him "the art of telegeodynamic" - were roughly described by the scientists as a sort of controlled earthquake".
"The rhythmical vibrations pass through the Earth with almost no loss of energy. It becomes possible to convey mechanical effects to the greatest terrestrial distances and produce all kinds of unique effects. The invention could be used with destructive effect in war."

(bonus - build your own earthquake machine - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/157282008X/102-1743815-5205769?v=glance&n=283155)

A 6.5 to 7 temblor under Tehran would create a catastrophe that could kill hundreds of thousands, flatten the city and bring the government of president Ahmadinejad to it's knees. After previously sending in agents to foment disruption and chaos, the fascists could help make sure the situation deteriorates fast.
In Iraq the US military is well placed to take advantage of a distressed and desperate population in Khuzestan, and can even be seen as riding to the rescue on a white horse. Along with a highly public show of charity an invasion could be seen as another of those peace-keeping-missions. Under the guise of "spreading democracy" the region could be seperated from Iran and be given "autonomous" stature.

No mushroom clouds, no Iranian bourse. And lots and lots of oil.


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