Monday, September 25, 2006

Pardon me if I sound like a curmudgeon about this, but all the hoopla surrounding this football game in the superdome tonight makes me want to hurl.
All the paint in the world won't cover up the fact that that stadium is the supreme monument to elitist disdain for the people of New Orleans, and by extension, all of us.
The event is being presented as a big comeback for the city while half the population there is scattered across the country, still suffering and being pissed on by uncaring and despicable criminals.
Rather than caring for the suffering, FEMA picked up 90% of the superdome's $185 million reconstruction cost so the well heeled can get back into their sky boxes and the rubes can have a couple of hours of circus.
And the chimp-in-chief didn't dare show up, so daddy will.
The ultimate lipstick on a pig.


Blogger nina said...

you are not the only one feeling/thinking the same way. i thought the very thing last night when i saw this on the news.

how an earth can they celebrate this given there are still thousands who are homeless? how an earth was this funded when there are vacant homes throughout the region? it is utterly appalling to me to think football is actually more important....well no, that isn't quite true. making money is more important. the sport is merely the catalyst.

maybe there will be protestors outside.....i sure hope so.

25/9/06 4:09 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I heard about this on OPB and couldn't believe my ears. The asshole sounded like a chamber of commerce type on speed, he was so exuberant about how this means it's all smoothed over and everyone should be ecstatic about the fucking game, I wanted to reach into the radio and strangle the idiot. Big giant hoopla means it's all good now. Jeebus.

25/9/06 4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote the article over at ArmchairGM that commented on this issue:

Clearly, there's at least some room for debate on the government's priorities here. People need homes more than they need football.

28/9/06 3:49 PM  

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