Saturday, September 23, 2006

Facade of Politics is Falling Apart

So called political parties, their purported differences and ongoing media hyped theatrics called elections, it's all unravelling. Three touch machine selection cycles now should show us that it's all a grand illusion, a stage play meant to convince us that we live in that Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post illusion of How We Want To Think Of Ourselves.

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Propaganda and election hype is blared at us by the media wherever we turn . Endless speculation about this candidate or that, whether the dems can take over this house or the other, poll numbers and other garbage, it's all meant to convince us that yes, we live in a democracy, yes, we control our destinies and yes, the whole facade is trustworthy and legitimate. It's all bullshit.
There's only one party, and the differences between the democrats and republicans are cosmetic to convince us otherwise. Oh sure, at local levels some minor things may be contrastive but in the larger scheme they're all marching to the same tune, and it's the martial music of a fascist agenda. Individuals who think they can buck the system and not go along with this agenda go nowhere in politics - they reputations are destroyed or they're just flat out Wellstoned.

This carefully maintained facade is crumbling now, and lots of recent things show the true face of politics as it really works. For one thing, three stolen elections in a row should shatter any illusions that this next one will be any different. The overlords will never vacate power, they've permanently put in place the ability to fix the vote results so all that's left for them to do is manage public perception. The most important thing is to convince us that the whole corrupt sickness is legitimate but sometimes we see how the differences in the parties is just a convenient eidolon.

When at the UN Hugo Chavez spoke the truth about Sockpuppet , his handlers with their hands up his ass and their murderous atrocities, prominent democrats like Rangel, Pelosi and Clinton fell all over themselves to defend the unlawful fraud. Instead of listening to a majority of the people who undoubtedly would have expressed the same sentiment, they showed they were still loyal obsequious servants to power. Chavez rammed home the point that makes fascists cringe, the point that needs to be reiterated again and again - this government is not the country, this government does not reflect the will of the people, and that's a message that the brownshirts are forced to attack.

Pathetic loser Joe Lieberman got cashiered in the Connecticut primary and exposing that he was a democrat in name only decided to appear on the ballot as an independent, obviously hoping that his unconditional support for the fascists will get some positive Diebold favors. It seems Joementum is the poster boy for blurred party affiliation. As a matter of fact, lots of pols seem to be switching their party names. I wouldn't hold my breath thinking that their behavior would change also.

And what's the matter, you repugnant republicans? People are waking up to the stench emanating from Washington so you want to distance yourselves from the source? You fucking hypocrites, you've supported these vile scumbags and the most despicable administration in history, you've enabled these fiends and now you're a little uncomfortable, trying to keep sucking in the campaign funds while pondering the "tricky dynamics of a president's assistance." Where's your party loyalty?

The dem and rep appellations are meaningless. It's an entrenched one party system wearing a phony two party diguise. It doesn't matter who "wins" this next Diebold selectin process - we lose.


Blogger nina said...

and what is equally contemptible is the idea that our own government is free to criticize the leaders of other nations. and yet this cannot be done to the united states of america.

hypocritical rubbish.

24/9/06 11:58 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Yup, we're just so so superior, ain't we.

24/9/06 8:54 PM  

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