Sunday, September 17, 2006

Big Brother is Shouting at You

Britons by far are the most scrutinized people on the face of the planet. There are over 4 million security cameras in their country or about one for every 14 people. Since fascism is never satisfied with the level of control it exerts, those cameras are starting to tell you how to behave.

"Big Brother is not only watching you - now he's barking orders too. Britain's first 'talking' CCTV cameras have arrived, publicly berating bad behaviour and shaming offenders into acting more responsibly.
The system allows control room operators who spot any anti-social acts - from dropping litter to late-night brawls - to send out a verbal warning: 'We are watching you'

Of course the fascists will tell you it's all for public safety.
Don't you just feel safer knowing some government snoop is watching your every move? Aren't you glad you're a suspicious suspect and presumed guilty until proven innocent? The overlords have already started to hide the cameras with plenty of cases of abuse, presumably meaning they watch people in bathrooms and fitting rooms. And just the fact that some disembodied voice can boom out commands to you at any moment should make any freedom lover's blood boil.

If they pull that shit in this country I guarantee there will be a big increase in baseball bat sales.


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