Monday, January 16, 2012

Target Practice

Grand Junction gets a drone

"The Mesa County Sheriff's Department has purchased a small drone aircraft for $14,000 to use in investigations and in search and rescue operations. Sheriff's officers demonstrated the 4-foot-long, 9-pound vehicle Friday. The plane can stay airborne for an hour, fly at an altitude of 400 feet and send video and infrared images to ground controllers. "If we get the description that (a missing) mountain biker has a red shirt on or a yellow helmet, we can search for the bright yellow, but also if they are somewhat concealed under foliage, we can go to infrared and look for their heat signature," said Ben Miller, who runs the department's remotely piloted aircraft program."

Yeah, sure.
And ninja outfits are for that cool weather and armored personnel carriers are for the snow.


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