Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cacaphony Of Zionist Controlled Media War Mongering

MSM is filled with this "rising tension" garbage.
Straight out of Tel Aviv, and the only threats are coming from Washington.
Haven't people had enough of this shit?

The ticking clock of Iran's nuclear threat"(CBS News)

Iran this weekend accused the CIA of masterminding the assassination of a nuclear scientist on the streets of Tehran this past Wednesday. The U.S. denies any involvement. Nevertheless, the clock is ticking in the Persian Gulf in what some fear could be a countdown to war. Our cover story is reported by national security correspondent David Martin:

The young Iranian nuclear scientist who was buried this weekend knew he was a target for assassination. He had a bodyguard. But they both were killed as they drove to work, by a motorcyclist who came alongside and clamped a magnetic bomb to their car.

Iranian nuke scientist killed by magnetic bomb

"This recent killing has got to be a blow to the Iranian government. That bodyguard didn't do his job, and the Iranian government didn't do their job to protect these scientists," said former weapons inspector David Albright, who keeps tabs on Iran's nuclear scientists.

"What difference do you think it makes now that he is no longer part of the Iranian nuclear program?" asked Martin.

"I hate to say it so crudely, but he's replaceable," replied Albright.

He said there is no one - as far as anyone can tell - who is irreplacable.

Except possibly for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a mysterious figure who is believed to head their nuclear weapons program but has never been seen in public.

"Certainly intelligence agencies that are interested in assassination would have a high interest in killing him," said Albright.

The CIA would no doubt like to see him dead, but it is barred by an executive order from conducting assassinations, like the one last week."

US Military Chief to Israel as Iran Tension Grows (ABC news)

US military chief to Israel as Iran tension grows (same headline, MSNBC news)

Joint Chiefs chairman headed to Israel amid Iran threat (Fox news"


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