Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cattle Prod News

It's a legitimate question - what would you do in a similar situation?
This "contempt of cop" shit is completely out of control.
I'd like to point out that there are hundreds of millions of firearms in the US. They aren't collector's items.
There was a tipping point after the bullshit Rodney King verdict. All respect for law vanished. I tried to find video that I saw of a cop car fleeing while bricks were bouncing off of it while it sped away, but the video kind of went away.
If cops keep this shit up, in the future any officers will be summarily executed if they're wearing a uniform.
The backlash will be a tsunami of righteous anger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nolo i understand your discontent, however your comment is inexcusable and wrong. At any time there will always be bad apples in ANY career. I agree that this video is both terrible and offensive, the cop and situation was wrong. There is a great many of us cops that are proud to "keep the faith" and remain good cops. I have served in blue 22 years with merit and life saving awards and to read your flamitory comments surprised me. Murder and execute cops? really, not right... not pleasant! way overboard, but if you feel that murder and execution of uniform wearing people is OK, then this is wrong.

16/1/12 1:22 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I welcome your comment anon and we disagree strongly about the current situation between citizens and cops.

I'd like you to tell me just how far "controlling the scene" should go when responding.

I'd like you to tell me how far the good cops will go in covering for the bad apples.

I'd like you to tell me how many cops are damaged war vets with issues who can't understand the constitution.

I'll believe you about 22 years on the job and then I'll bet you know the answers to my questions if that's true.

I'd like to know the reasons for the militarization of police forces and the current view of citizenry as enemies until proven innocent.

I'd like you to tell me who cops are actually serving when it's law that they have no legal mandate to protect civilians.

I would really like to know how many cops will abide by the NDAA act that was passed, and put citizens into indefinate detention forever.
What I'm saying is that being taken into custody in this now lawless society will end up with a lot of dead cops. Count on it anon.

And my son is a cop who transferred to Search and Rescue to get away from the madness.

17/1/12 8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nolo, like any one will tell you, i have not all the answers. I do very much like your blog/site.

Controlling a scene, well again thats just a cops joke, cops think just because they are there everything belongs to them. So we agree.

Good cops dont go have too go very far at all any more to cover any cops. There is really to much oversite and good cops report most bad cops by pride and honor of the badge... now again i am only commenting on the law within CA. I forward you to reddit "bad cop no donut" blog it shows really how many cops get BUSTED and fail to be covered up by others
by this news blog. I use it as a training tool.

I dont know how many cops are war vets, but i am sure that if we did a study, we would find many. That one is a 2 in 5, is it bad or good?, i dont like military cops either.

The reason for the "police state" as i said before is the street cops need their jobs, and they do what there are told, we saw that at most of the OWS issues. Its a political issue that has deep roots in the cities and counties. I can tell you that i was not assigned to any OWS enforcement.
Remember that even cops have families, wifes, girlfriends and kids, if pushed to the dark side, most cops will make the right move and refuse. i make mention of the 2009 "cell phone law" most cops are driving around seen using a phone, so they are not justified to issue a citation only for cell phone use, however the public didnt know that. See its a state and federal game to control the masses, but gave little authority to police really! So you have a dont use cell phone law that really never gets enforced because the cops say, whats the point. I am not for any police state, and the pumping up of police departments, well its really just media crap. Many departments are operating with min staff and equipment in CA.

NDAA, this one is an easy one, i dont think the feds and the states will be able to work together on this. Right now its a bitch when a federal guy and state or city guys works together, ask your son... its like high school, trying to coordinate public safety when most have their heads up their ass in uniform anyway. So how can they NDAA sweep like nazi's i dont know. But the dumb cops may fall for " well the fed guy told me to do that" I agree with you NOLO & i hope i answered some of your questions. I too would want to see bad cops hung, drawn and quartered. Murder for murder i say. But most bumbling cops make poor choices and or accidents and blame the situation. I train my staff not too! I know you may not see or hear it, but the old ways and old school idea of cover-up and lies and get away with it, are loosing to video and other media outlets that the public have. Dash board camera's and other are working and weeding out the bad. But to fully answer your questions, the way in which the cops are trained and recruited now is the problem. Its still the same old aggresives ways of army type yelling and PD training, training to care less and be more aggressive and act as if all members of the public are dirty and up to something. Thats why you see so much offensive videos of cops acting like nazi's. I have wanted to change the hiring and training at police academies for years and good luck with that i have heard. The broken police system trains the cops in a broken way and places the broken cops on the street and makes them slaves to their jobs. I dont see away out of this, just like the immigration issues we face now. Its over with, in 5-10 years we will not be able or have the food or water to support the mass of non documented people let alone police them.

I stay in the madness to keep the line, not from the public but from ourselves, cops need the most support and training and the good cops have to hold the line. Nolo keep up the good work. I thank you and lets just say bad cops and uniform wearing thugs will be summarly drawn and quartered. lol

Jeff Scott

17/1/12 2:27 PM  

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