Friday, January 20, 2012

Empire's Vainglorious Deneument

The War on Iran: America's Last Middle East Domino

"Israel is an undeclared nuclear power that keeps on threatening to attack Iran. Nuclear-armed U.S. ships and submarines are lurking in the Persian Gulf, ready to get into action at short notice. The U.S. has big military bases in neighbouring Bahrain and Qatar. In the WikiLeaks cables, the Saudi King is on record exhorting the U.S. to “attack Iran” and “cut off the head of the snake”.

The U.S. media reported that the Obama administration initially considered a military incursion into Iran to retrieve the drone but better sense prevailed. RQ-170s are mainly used for reconnaissance and are not used to target militants in Afghanistan. The drones have been reportedly carrying out surveillance over Iran for the last two years to identify possible targets for attack.

The end of 2011 saw the formal departure of the United States' occupation troops from Iraq. Most of the troops have been relocated in neighbouring Kuwait so as to be ready to intervene militarily at short notice once again in Iraq or in other West Asian countries.

The U.S. is in no hurry to loosen its grip on the resource-rich region. Its strategists are busy devising ways by which it can retain its hegemony there. They are emboldened by the happenings in Libya, where, in the words of President Barack Obama, “the U.S. led from behind”. A similar strategy is being followed in the case of Syria, a close ally of Iran.

The immediate goal of the West is to effect a regime change in Syria and further isolate Iran in the region. If the West succeeds in its game plan, then Iran will be the last domino it will have to tackle in the region."


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