Friday, January 20, 2012

Mainstream Media Invents Horserace Between Corporate Puppets

Gingrich to make closing arguments on eve of South Carolina primary

"Orangeburg, S.C. – Riding a surge in the polls and still glowing from his fiery debate performances, Newt Gingrich was preparing to make his closing arguments to voters here Friday on the eve of the Palmetto State’s Republican primary.

More than 400 supporters crammed into a movie-theater-turned-banquet-hall here to see the former Georgia congressman speak. Several said in interviews that they still support Gingrich for president despite this week’s allegations from his ex-wife.

His second wife, Marianne, appeared on ABC News Thursday and alleged he cheated on her with his current — and third — wife, Callista. Marianne Gingrich also claimed Gingrich wanted an open marriage where he and Marianne would remain married but he would also keep Callista as a mistress.

“He has asked for forgiveness and I am a Christian and I believe in giving him forgiveness,” said Karen Roquemore, of Orangeburg. “Let’s cut that issue and go on to something else.”

Joy Barnes, also of Orangeburg, said the allegations from Gingrich’s ex-wife shouldn’t impact the primary results.

“I am more interested in his grasp of the issues,” she said. “Gingrich seems to have a grasp of the tremendous problem we are going to face with Alzheimer’s in this country.”

A new poll shows Gingrich leading Mitt Romney by six percentage points among likely Republican primary voters in South Carolina. Gingrich is leading Romney 35-29, while former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas are tied for third at 15 percent. Public Policy Polling surveyed 836 South Carolina voters between Wednesday and Thursday for the poll."


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