Friday, January 20, 2012

All About Domination And Control

Alaska Man Cited For Illegal Bartering: “I Need Some Firewood and I’m Willing to Trade Some Moose Meat”

"Chad Gerondale, 41, has hired well-known Fairbanks attorney Bill Satterberg to represent him in the “meat for heat” case, as it has been dubbed by online spectators.

“I’ve got a lot to say about it but (Satterberg) told me not to,” Gerondale told the News-Miner Tuesday morning when he returned phone messages left during the weekend.

Alaska Wildlife Troopers last week issued Gerondale a summons to appear in court on Feb. 3 to be arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of illegal barter of game meat. Troopers issued a news release Friday stating Gerondale had been cited for agreeing to trade 125 pounds of moose meat for two cords of firewood.

Buying, selling or bartering of game meat, except snowshoe hares, is illegal. The one exception is caribou meat in northern and western Alaska (units 22-26) may be bartered, but the meat cannot be taken out of those units.

Gerondale allegedly offered to swap moose meat for firewood on the radio show, Tradio, which airs on KFAR 660 AM.

“The allegations are the guy was on Tradio and said, ‘I need some firewood and I’m willing to trade some moose meat,’” Satterberg said.

Trooper Ken Vanspronsen contacted Gerondale to make a deal and then showed up at his house and issued him a citation, Satterberg said."

The ostensible reason for this law, concern about poaching or tainted food being consumed, has nothing to do with it's enforcement. Authorities couldn't give a rat's ass about wildlife or your health. The huge problem here according to the state is trading outside the controlled monetary system. The state wants to know about all transactions and forces you to use it's increasingly worthless paper and increasingly monitored banking. Empire went to war many times to impose it's Monopoly money and will go to war with the american people to force us to do the same.

They hate you and me and the Bill of Rights recognizing our inherent understanding to live our lives the way we see fit. To them we solely exist for their manipulation fantasies. Since the phony war on drugs began by commanding us to stop ingesting what we wanted it was inevitable that the fascists would extend it to foodstuffs. It's much easier right now for them to pretend barter is all about protecting the public health. But please believe me when I predict all form of barter will soon be outlawed by a fascist "government" imposing it's will on the people.


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