Monday, December 19, 2011

Their Well Worn Kneepads

Obama Takes Money From Americans, Gives it to Israel and Brags About It

"Obama said in his speech to the Jewish organization, the Union of Reform Judaism, “So America’s commitment — America’s commitment and my commitment to Israel and Israel’s security is unshakeable. It is unshakeable. (Applause.)

“… it is hard to remember a time when the United States has given stronger support to Israel on its security. In fact, I am proud to say that no U.S. administration has done more in support of Israel’s security than ours. None. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. It is a fact. (Applause.)

“I’m proud that even in these difficult times we’ve fought for and secured the most funding for Israel in history. I’m proud that we helped Israel develop a missile defense system that’s already protecting civilians from rocket attacks. (Applause.)”

He openly acknowledges that “even in these difficult times” he has managed to steal cash from Americans and give that stolen cash to Israel! You can tell by the repeated applause that his throng of Jewish supporters couldn’t be happier that Obama is putting Israel’s interest way ahead of America’s interests."

Gingrich puts Israel's interests first

"Chicago, Illinois - Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House who faded into obscurity after resigning in 1998 amid a sex scandal, is back and seemingly ready to say anything to become the next president of the United States - even if it means making sycophantic statements that pander to the pro-Israel lobby but that oppose US policy and the best interests of the American people."

Bachmann - We should force Palestinians to stop insulting Israelis

Perry to Israel: Help is on the way

Romney would up defense aid to Israel

"WASHINGTON (JTA) – Mitt Romney said he would increase defense assistance to Israel, raise the US military profile near Iran and recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and front-runner in the bid to secure the Republican nomination for president, delivered the first major foreign policy speech of his campaign Friday at The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina."


Anonymous mattyhill said...

there really must be something the the old story of Israel having nukes hidden throughout the US, how else to explain this madness? Can't just be about the money.

20/12/11 5:53 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I've puzzled about this too. You could be right. They've proved many times that they're willing to destroy any politician who crosses zionist interests, up to and including murder.

20/12/11 11:45 PM  

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