Saturday, December 17, 2011

Empire Has Always Employed The Domino Theory

My prediction - we'll probably be hearing a lot more about Bhutan in the coming months. Empire always concentrated on soft backwater but strategic countries to manipulate, overthrow or outright war upon, like Somalia on the horn of Africa. Just a cursory glance at targets over the years proves this. Bhutan is prime real estate for fascist skullduggery because of it's location between and on the borders of India and China. Watch for Burma in the news also. Surrounding the next domino is the name of the game.

Refugees from Bhutan face strange new world of Maryland suburbs

Looks like the US has already started operations in Burma

cancer surrounding Iran

added - And empire loves to use provocation to keep tensions high.

Air Force to Award Silver Star to U-2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers

"The U.S. Air Force will award a Silver Star posthumously to Francis Gary Powers, the pilot whose spy plane was shot down in 1960 over the Soviet Union in a defining moment of the Cold War."

Washington's Greater Middle East Agenda: War


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