Sunday, December 18, 2011

Civil War Is Now Guaranteed

Think about this. Any time you are approached by badged enforcers for the elite you might be apprehended and handcuffed, led away never to be seen again.
This isn't idle speculation. This is real now and right here in this country and it's happened many times before in societies that slipped into fascism.
Because most people in this country are armed, how soon will it be that most people won't allow themselves to be arrested and will fight back with lethal force?
It's almost like the federal government is forcing the issue. That they want to go to war with the american people. Because they're like so many other deluded psychopaths they have an exalted self image as pre eminent overlords who will always have their way no matter what.
As soon as indefinite detention starts expect total violence.
Woe be to any armed thug who tries to handcuff freedom loving citizens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know we're in trouble when we start quoting Lincoln and using Fox news clips and actually agreeing with them, and all i have is a 100 yr old single shot 12 gage!

19/12/11 7:03 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

You're armed anon, and an old scattergun is still an awesomely lethal weapon.
This is how the French partisans in WW2 did it. Allies dropped cheap single shot Liberator pistols into Nazi controlled territories. The occupied people would ambush the troops or maybe walk up to a single soldier and ask for a light. Then they'd take the dead soldier's weapons and it would expand from there.

19/12/11 12:07 PM  

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