Monday, December 19, 2011

Worth Of American Hoi Polloi Dropping Rapidly

All claimants but 1 in Indiana State Fair stage collapse accept state’s settlement offers

"INDIANAPOLIS — All but one of 65 claimants have accepted Indiana’s settlement offers over the State Fair stage collapse.

The state attorney general’s office said Monday that 64 of the 65 claimants accepted the settlements totaling $5 million, the maximum under Indiana law.

Spokesman Bryan Corbin said the only rejected offer was less than $1,820 to a minor who was injured.

The 64 claimants include the estates of all seven people who died in the Aug. 13 collapse amid high winds at the Indianapolis fairgrounds. The estates each received more than $300,000.

Corbin sad three claimants presented medical costs different from the calculations in the state’s offers, and the state’s claims manager, JWF Specialty Co., covered the $33,000 difference itself.

The stage collapse occurred before a concert by the country duo Sugarland."

What I get from this poorly written article is that the families who lost a relative will get only $300,000 or so while the injured will receive a lot less..

Considering the cost of possibly lifelong health care this amount is derisive at best.

Why, pretty soon it'll be close to what NATO pays out in Afghanistan:

"Daughter hit by shrapnel from air-strike and later died of injuries, $1,000; mother killed during bombing, $5,000; two brothers and two sons killed by hellfire missile strike, $32,000. The variation in the figures is not explained, but in no case was more than $8,000 (about £5,000), paid for the loss of a single life.

Youtube of the idiotic disaster


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