Tuesday, September 06, 2011


I just watched "Apollo 18" this morning. Had no inkling about the movie, but heard there was controversy concerning footage and where there's conspiracy and controversy, well, that's where I want to visit.

One of the commentators at IMDB said it's like Blair Witch in Space and that's a pretty good summation of the presentation. The only copies available online are theater screen captures at this point, but it really doesn't matter because the entire movie is supposedly herky jerky footage from the 70s space program and DVD quality wouldn't improve on it anyway. It's an obviously low budget production where they spent most of the time degrading the film to make it look like raw space footage. As a funny aside, most of the old photography was superior to subsequent efforts as if damaging space footage actually did become policy. As a quick summation - it supposedly is found footage of a clandestine moon mission that we were never told about and the astronauts encounter somewhat serious problems, all conveniently caught on tape for us.

It's all fiction of course and the footage is obviously deliberately degraded and cut just so the salient points are adequately presented. If you haven't seen it and are planning on doing so, I'll skip the plot. The only interesting thing doesn't even involve the movie per se. For years an internet meme has been that the Apollo program did secretly continue past what we were told about and investigated the anomalous artifacts found all over the moon. Supposedly an alien spacecraft was found on the opposite side that faces the earth:

To be honest "Apollo 18" is a really cheesy and trite and cheap product that devolves into a formulaic copout that makes you question why the hell you stayed with it till the end. There are an awful lot of real controversies revolving around the moon missions ( see Hoagland or John Lear), and one of the best subjects to explore is how Stanley Kubrick got involved with directing the public "footage" of the moon landings. That's where enterprising minds need to go instead of Blair Witch junk like Apollo 18.


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