Sunday, September 04, 2011

No, We Aren't Crusaders

Millions of taxpayer dollars used to convert soldiers and their children to Christianity

  • The Soldier Fitness Tracker that includes the mandatory Spiritual Fitness testing and the equally mandatory remedial training.
  • The Spiritual Fitness Center at Fort Hood, Texas (many more to come!) – Often described as a ‘mega church’, the building even has religious stained glass windows. They are stocked with video games, phone cards, and other incentives. Packaged with a religious message. This is in addition to the numerous chapels on every post.
  • Spiritual Fitness concert series at Fort Lee and Fort Eustis - Invariably evangelical Christian messages and performers. You’re on notice for a future Rock Beyond Belief event, by the way.
    $678,470 (performer fees only)
  • Strong Bonds and other Spiritual Fitness Retreats – These are marriage counseling seminars held at luxurious vacation spots. Notoriously stuffed to the brim with evangelical messages. There are ‘sue-proof’ teaching materials that are often offered up as a defense, but it’s a shallow ruse. When I went to one I literally counted 57 instances where I was offended by the overt religiosity (“The family that prays together stays together…” “Bless this lunch break, oh heavenly father” etc…)
    *$30,000,000 (*Annually)

  • Peninsula Baptist Association’s Eastover Retreat Center – hosting Spiritual Fitness retreats
  • American Baptist Church Conf. Center – hosting Spiritual Fitness retreats
  • Quail Ministries – Christian music and comedy during Strong Bonds marriage counseling retreats. Like those awful variety-show acts you sit through during a cheesy school assembly.
  • “Serving Christ Through Baseball” program – entertainment during Strong Bonds marriage counseling retreats. Title says it all… or not. I’m still scratching my head on that one.
  • Military Community Youth Ministries – evangelism targeted at children (even stalking them on their way to the school bus)
  • Cadence International – aimed at converting children to Christ, as well as citizens of foreign countries in the nations that they operate in.
  • Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center – hosting Spiritual Fitness retreats $120,000


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