Sunday, September 04, 2011

Obama Administration Obeying It's Master

U.S. Campaigns to Avoid Vote on Palestinian Statehood, Report Says

"The United States has launched a last ditch diplomatic drive to persuade Palestinians to scrap their plan to seek U.N. recognition as a state, The New York Times said Saturday.

But the move may be too late, the newspaper said, citing unnamed senior U.S. officials and foreign diplomats.

The administration of President Barack Obama has circulated a proposal for renewed peace talks with the Israelis in the hope of persuading Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to abandon his bid for recognition at the United Nations General Assembly, which opens September 20, the report said.

Israel has firmly opposed the Palestinian membership bid, which comes as talks between the two sides have been frozen for nearly a year after grinding to a halt over Israel's continued settlement construction.

The United States argues that the Palestinians will only achieve meaningful statehood through a revival of direct peace talks with Israel and has warned it will veto the bid in the Security Council."

The "peace talks" have always been a sick joke, a stalling tactic while the Israelis expand the militarized settlements and gobble more land. The Palestinian vote at the UN means big trouble later this month for the shitty little terror state, so don't be surprised if Israel pulls some false flag stunts to start war as a distraction.


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