Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Own The Texas School Book Depository Building

At least a miniature facsimile

"A replica building of this site has been made by InFocus Tech. For assassination researchers, it is well worth owning. This model is 3-1/4" tall and is finished in antique pewter. It can be obtained in a brick red finish with gold highlights, also. The original signage and time at the moment of the assassination have been preserved on the top of the TSDB."

Miniature patsy not included.

h~t to Lesley at The Debris Field


Anonymous greencrow said...


I was thinking, with all the disclosures about "phone hacking"


shouldn't some of the cases of suspected assassination be re-opened to see if the victims were eavesdropped prior to the "accidents" that befell them?

I'm thinking now of


Sen. Wellstone

Sonny Bono



It seems likely that someone was listening to the phone calls of people and, if they seemed to be catching on to some of the nefarious activity going on in the world...they may have been conveniently offed.

Puts a whole no light on some of the cold cases, eh?


2/8/11 7:49 AM  

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