Monday, August 01, 2011

Meanwhile, As Corrupt Media Mercilessly Smear Syria

Western-funded groups continue to destabilize Syria

"Today there are, yet again, unverified reports from so-called activist groups clashing with Syrian security forces and anti-government protestors. According to activists and human rights groups, the number is either “at least 100 civilians” or “at least 80 people” depending on which source you refer to.

Haaretz is reporting the 100 figure in their article about Obama’s condemnation of the Syrian government’s handling of the uprising.

In a White House statement, Obama said that “the reports out of Hama are horrifying and demonstrate the true character of the Syrian regime.”

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that at least 80 people are dead, also noting that a spokesperson for the German mission at the United Nations has requested a UN Security Council meeting on Monday.

As the day progressed, the number continued to grow with Bloomberg reporting that Syrian security forces killed at least 150 people. Yet, in the next paragraph they say “at least 113 were killed.”

This isn’t quite surprising due to the completely unverifiable nature of any of the claims made by human rights groups, however I wish the mainstream media was able to keep their manufactured narrative straight.

The Syrian government is claiming that the attack was an effort to “purge armed groups” in the Syrian city of Hama. However, U.S. press attaché J.J. Harder told The Jerusalem Post that “the authorities think that somehow they can prolong their existence by engaging in full-armed warfare on their own citizens.”

Harder also claims that the official Syrian accounts of the events are “nonsense,” without citing anything to back up his claims.

Unfortunately for those pushing for an escalation against Assad, there hasn’t been anything presented to the international community that can be independently verified. The simple fact is that the reports are coming from highly biased groups who unarguably have an agenda that is informing their reports."


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