Friday, July 29, 2011

Thrills And Chills, For A Lofty Price

CN Tower EdgeWalk: How far are you willing to go for a thrill?

"The CN Tower is adding a new attraction that will let thrill seekers walk on a narrow ledge around the top of the tower, 356 metres above the ground.
Participants in the so-called EdgeWalk will walk hands-free while attached to an overhead safety harness.
Specially trained guides will encourage visitors to push their personal limits, even allowing them to lean out 116 storeys above the city.
"EdgeWalk is both thrilling and unique and will push visitors to their limits -- literally and figuratively," said Mark Laroche, president and CEO of Canada Lands Company, which owns and operates the CN Tower.
Reports say the EdgeWalk, which will begin on Aug.1, will cost $175

Grand Canyon Skywalk

$43.05 to walk on plexiglass 4000 feet over the Colorado River.

Stratosphere Tower in Vegas - $22 combo tower and ride.


Anonymous abi said...

Bring your wallets and a change of underwear.

29/7/11 6:48 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Haha, they couldn't pay me to go there! Actually when you do the CNN tower walk they won't let you take a single thing out on the platform so you have to leave your wallet behind, but they've already fleeced you so it won't matter :)

30/7/11 1:00 AM  

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