Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Has The New Korean War Actually Begun?

Any naval blockade will immediately be seen as an act of war. If this is what empire has planned then it's the reason why both talks with the North Koreans and and a special UN session are being ignored.
I'd urge people to get iodine pills very soon.

Allies conduct WMD-interception drills

"South Korea and the U.S. staged a naval exercise to enhance their abilities to stop the trafficking of weapons of mass destruction on Tuesday, the third day of their four-day exercise in the West Sea.

“Under the scenario in which a ship suspected of carrying WMDs is caught passing at high seas, the allied militaries will practice sharing intelligence on the ship and sending warships to interdict the vessel,” said an official at the Joint Chiefs of Staff in a press briefing.

“It is a high-level tactical drill. We are to mobilize Lynx helicopters to check the maritime situation and keep vigilance while deploying high-speed naval ships and maritime special troops to seize and search the suspicious vessel.”

The joint maneuvers to end Wednesday were widely seen as a move to pressure North Korea, which bombarded the South Korean border island of Yeonpyeong on Tuesday last week, killing four South Koreans including two civilians."


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