Monday, November 29, 2010

Nielson Was A Treasure

Later in his acting career Leslie Nielson was the perfect metaphor for all that's wrong with this society, and I think most people laughed their asses off at him and his comedic efforts without realizing it. His deadpan stentorian delivery tried to exude competence and authority but everyone knew inside it was all a cruel joke and the comeuppance was going to be brutally harsh. Much like what's going on today.
One of the best television shows of all time aired in the 80s and only survived for six episodes. It was "Police Squad" and it was a spoof of the endless cop show parade of crime dramas. Nielson's posturing was perfection which served as the perfect straight man to the mayhem he caused all around him. The reason why the show was yanked? Even back then brain dead america didn't understand satire and needed to be told when there was a joke; because the show didn't have a laugh track to alert the droolers when there was a funny, hardly any of the mouthbreathers could figure it out. Surely you must be joking.


Anonymous Nz said...

If that last epilogue was for the last ep in the short-run series, it looks like maybe they knew it was over. The set falling apart is a classic symbol for the end of a Hollywood series.

30/11/10 5:45 AM  

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