Saturday, November 27, 2010

Protest Over More Meat Markets In The Shitty Little Pariah State

What is it about human flesh that the zionists despise so much?

Women for sale' store highlights sex trafficking in Israel

"In a shopping center in Tel Aviv, women standing in a window display tagged with price tickets, were being offered for sale.

Each woman's price tag detailed her age, weight, height, dimensions and country of origin – written as "Made in...", like a piece of clothing.

It was part of a protest to highlight the problem of human trafficking for the sex industry.

"An estimated 3,000 women are living in Israel today having been smuggled into the country, sold and resold while being assaulted, raped and starved. "

In addition to the display in the Dizengoff Center, people could go to the website Womantogo to look at the girls for sale. To further radicalize the message of the platform, campaign organizers used a product comparisons website in which the "buyer" could compare the range of different women.

When a buyer chose a woman, then clicked the mouse on her image, the buyer was led directly to Womantogo to sign a petition to pressure the Israeli Justice Ministry to back legislation that makes it a crime for men to patronize prostitutes.

Campaigner and attorney Ori Keider explained:
"What we see here today is an example of what’s going on in houses, and basements, and yards in this city, but today we’re showing it in the center of this shopping mall so people can understand. They cannot look away."

Distress and violence meted out to the women (all models) was shown on their faces – a strong motivator for shoppers to sign a petition calling for people who pay for sex to be prosecuted."

The Sickness Of Israeli Organ Trafficking Continues


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