Thursday, November 25, 2010

Naked XRay Machines Turned Off At Airports 11/24

TSA apparently wanted to avoid any frightening display of public opposition


If this was true all over the country, then being busted for their stupid, stupid ploy will greatly contribute to the demise of the miserable TSA. It will backfire in their faces big time. For one thing if the cancer machines are so vital to passenger safety the last thing you'd want to do is disable them on the busiest travel day of the year. That proves the ulterior motives of the entire program are paramount, and not our security that constantly emanates from their fetid pieholes.

TSA turns off naked body scanners to avoid opt-out day protests

TSA Turned Off Naked X-Ray Machines

"In order to block its real enemies, free Americans, TSA closed down its chertoscanners today so that people could not opt out. Gee, it turns out the expensive equipment was not necessary to fight terrorism after all, and was only designed to humiliate and dehumanize tax victims. Who knew?"

They then could rely on the miserable MSM to dutifully report that everything went smooth as a baby's ass because the opt out boycott failed and everybody was happy as hell, when in reality their fucking machines were unplugged, a fact unmentioned in news reports.
Instead we get this lying bullshit which is meant to convince americans that resistance to this fascist abuse won't work:

'Opt-Out Day' fizzles: Air travelers say scans aren't 'a big deal'
Airport body scan protests fizzle out
National Opt Out Day Fails in Memphis
Why the Airline Opt-Out Protest Failed
Opt-Out Day fizzles at Sea-Tac
Air Travel Flows Smoothly as Scanner Protest Fizzles
Planned airport protests fail to take off
TSA sees no spike in number of travelers ‘opting out’ of X-ray


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