Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yes, Getting Mired In Central Africa Is Just What The American People Need Right Now

Seriously, WTF? Is it world war yet?

Barack Obama's plan to defeat Ugandan LRA rebels

"US President Barack Obama has outlined a plan to disarm one of Africa's most feared rebel militias, the Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army.
It aims to defuse the spiralling bloodshed in central Africa by removing the LRA's leader, Joseph Kony.
LRA fighters will also be encouraged to defect or lay down their arms.
For more than 20 years the LRA has become notorious for kidnapping children to serve as soldiers and sex slaves.
LRA leaders initially claimed to be fighting to install a theocracy in Uganda based on the Biblical 10 commandments.
But they now roam across Sudan and Central African Republic (CAR), as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo."


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