Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Media Says We Love To Lick Our Chains

Survey Indicates 2/3 Of Americans Support Airport Full Body Scanners

"D.C., Washington, United States (AHN) - Despite the recent furor created by strict airport security measures, particularly invasive passenger searches, a survey released Monday indicated about two-thirds of Americans support the use of new full-body scanners at U.S. gateways.
However, 50 percent of the survey respondents drew the line on pat-downs, which they described as having gone too far. Some groups have labeled the pat-downs as glorified grope sessions.

Something sinilar was broadcasted on NPR this morning.
I don't believe this in a New York second.


Blogger Michael Tew said...

Raw Story is running this story with 61% opposed to body scans.



PS how can you tolerate listening to NPR?

23/11/10 11:26 AM  
Blogger P@RIOT said...

For about ten minutes usually.

23/11/10 11:49 AM  
Anonymous tony said...

When they find out the radiation is not safe this may change.
They must be assuming it is tested and safe.
Speaking of that, the dentist wears a lead apron when giving xrays...TSA do not ?

23/11/10 12:08 PM  

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