Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Let A Woman Learn In Silence With All Submissiveness"


Blogger mcl said...

Excellent, Thank you for beautifully explained reasons why the Bible is repulsive and how is it a majority of Americans can be so ignorant? Churches exist to gather people so fear can be introduced and money collected.

21/11/10 12:30 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey K Radt ("JRed") said...

Love the information you publish on this blog aside from posts like this, but respect one's right to believe what they want to believe.

I agree with SOME of the comments made in this clip as well as SOME of the content of the above comment by mcl.

The Bible actually describes these days quite clearly. It's called the "Apostasy", or the "falling away" from the faith. That is, it speaks of a time when "Christians" will give all appearances of being such, but they will be grossly ignorant of God's Word and what it really says. Worse, their walk won't match their talk at all. Sadly, that's all around us these days.

Even so, I thought the title of the video was quite ironic. I'm not going to refute the verses that he shared b/c they're all correct and found in the Scriptures. However, I am going to respectfully refute his analysis and explanation and for good reason.

The Bible is repulsive? No, an intellectual ripping things from the Bible out of context to make his point -- that's repulsive.

Unfortunately, this is a problem with a majority of Christians too. I mean, you could find a verse to justify just about any despicable behavior/cause/whatever when you rip it out of context. That's why I encourage everyone to never take anyone's word for it -- least of which my own -- and read and study it for yourself and come to your own conclusions. We need to use the brain that God gave us and think critically.

Jeff ("JRed")
Look Up Fellowship
Right Now Radio
Kingdom Bound Radio
I Want To Believe Radio

21/11/10 12:59 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Appreciate your comments mci. Probably the most important message in that video is the all pervasive presence of the bible in american society and the ignorance of the population in general about what's truly in it.

And thank you Jeffrey for your comments, where even as I get the feeling we don't see eye to eye on the bible, you're a stand out gentleman to take time to write polite and coherent thoughts.
One question for you though - what do you mean by "out of context"?
What context could possibly ameliorate the command to slaughter or enslave? (I've got my own ideas but I'd really like to hear what you say if you got a minute or two.)

21/11/10 5:12 PM  
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