Wednesday, November 24, 2010

South Korea Playing With Fire

Provoked retaliatory shelling

"South Korea – North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire Tuesday along their disputed frontier, raising tensions between the rivals to their highest level in more than a decade. The communist nation warned of more military strikes if the South encroaches on the maritime border by "even 0.001 millimeter."

The skirmish began when North Korea warned the South to halt military drills near their sea border, according to South Korean officials. When Seoul refused and began firing artillery into disputed waters — but away from the North Korean shore — the North retaliated by shelling the small island of Yeonpyeong, which houses South Korean military installations and a small civilian population."

It's no wonder it's called the Hermit Kingdom. Constant bellicose provocations from the Republic of Korea and the US continually sour whatever strained relations exist at the moment. It's like the pentagon and the south are always itching to poke the north, knowing most assuradly they'll get a swift response which they can then use to paint the north as the bad guys. It's like this incitement was meant to coincide with upcoming war games and where Lee Myung-Bak and Obama can strut and preen and play all butch to the home crowds.

Whenever crap like this goes down North Korea is always set up as the fall guy. Even though it was proven that it was basically impossible for them to have sunk that South Korean warship back in March, that didn't stop the propaganda press from immediately pinning blame on the usual patsy.
(North Korean subs aren't stealthy enough, it took place deep within South Korean waters, right in the middle of a joint exercise between the US and the south involving dozens of warships engaged in what? Anti submarine drills.)

Brinksmanship and overreaction is empire's game on the Korean peninsula, decidedly stupid considering the north can and would turn Seoul into a sea of fire in five minutes time. It's very possible this artillery exchange was also set up to emphasize North Korea's Horrible Enemy Status as the US hustles and bustles about getting all worked up claiming the north at any moment is about to test a nuke, because of tunneling activity at it's test site.


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