Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No, No, It's Not US/South Korea Provocation At All

Add them to the list.

flashback two weeks ago - G-20 refuses to back US push on China's currency

"Seoul, South Korea – Leaders of 20 major economies on Friday refused to back a U.S.
push to make China boost its currency's value, keeping alive a dispute that raises fears of a Global Trade War amid criticism that cheap Chinese exports are costing American jobs."

North Korea Attack Part Of RAND Plan For Total War?

"The exchange of artillery fire between North and South Korea, which the North says was started by South Korea firing shells during a military drill, could act as the catalyst for a huge new conflict that the RAND Corporation has been lobbying for over the past two years."
"As we warned two years ago, the military-industrial complex has been yearning for a new conflict since the invasion of Iraq some seven and a half years ago."

U.S. and South Korea Balk at Talks With North

"The United States, South Korea and Japan are all balking at China’s request for emergency talks with North Korea over the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, as high-profile military exercises between South Korea and the United States in the Yellow Sea continued on Monday in a show of force."

US and South Korea refuse to push for UN session on Korean situation

"A shiny haired South Korean journalist regaled Japanese reporters with tales of Seoul's prowess.
“We don't need the Security Council,” he said, “not this time, not when we fought back.”
"The UN unceremoniously canceled its Friday press briefing."
Cost of the War in Iraq
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