Monday, November 29, 2010

"This Season Celebrate Reason"

Lincoln Tunnel sign in Jersey



Anonymous greencrow said...

Who is behind that sign?

Scratch the surface, you'll find "the usual suspects."

Would the ziofascists allow such a sign to be put up about their legends such as "the promised land"? There would be a big hew and cry about that one.

I decided to return to my christian roots when I realized it's the only thing that scares them...fight fire with fire, I say.

Remember the image of Satan in Mel Gibson's "the passion of the Christ"? the shape-shifting "face in the crowd....the banal face of evil....the androgenous pornography of humanity.

When I realized that evil was real...that's when I decided to join the forces of the good.


29/11/10 7:08 PM  

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