Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Little Cowards

All too often MSM doesn't deliver news but tells you how to think.

Travel-trained: Americans take security with sigh

"NEW YORK (AP) - Explosive snow globes? You've got to be kidding, Robyn Burford thought when security inspectors at the Portland, Ore., airport demanded she hand over her two glitter-filled souvenirs.
The snow globes might contain explosive nitroglycerin, an officer informed the 16-year-old from Houston. Instead of complaining, Burford did what thousands of other travelers are doing when confronted with pat-downs, body scanners and the other indignities of air travel this holiday season.
She bit her tongue and obeyed.
"I think we're actually getting used to the fact that we have to go through so much to go places," Burford said.
As the Christmas travel week arrives, it appears Americans are getting used to flying under the specter of terrorism and the new inconveniences the government deems necessary to combat it. Most people surrender to body scans and invasive pat-downs with little fuss. Resignation has replaced fear."

"Some travelers tried to organize a boycott of the body scanners ahead of Thanksgiving, but the movement fizzled, said Airports Council International-North America, which represents airport managers. There were no signs of a revolt this time, either, the organization said.
A Washington Post-ABC News poll last month found that 64 percent of Americans support the use of body scanners.

"If it means me getting naked, I'll get naked and get right on the plane," said Gil Torres, 49, as he waited at Chicago's O'Hare International for a flight to the Philippines"

"Chris Soulia, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1234, a union that represents 1,800 TSA agents in several Western states, said officers are seeing more cooperation from passengers in recent months.
"The passengers are getting used to the new screening procedures, probably because we've had so much coverage in the press," he said. He added that people haven't made a fuss about the imaging machines."

Got that? Just shut up and take it like everybody else.


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