Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Richard Colvin Reid lights a match on flight 63 from Paris to Miami, causing him to get pummeled by other passengers , tied up and tranquilized by doctors who just happened to be on the same flight. Official story is he had C-4 explosive packed in a shoe that he was trying to ignite to blow a hole in the plane's fuselage. Hundreds of millions of airline passengers suffer the stupid indignity and risk of ringworm by having to remove footwear ever since.

the criminal mastermind

Preceded by the 9/11 false flag terrorist event which was succeded by the TSA act on November 19, 2001 establishing constitution free zones at all airports.

Succeded by the liquid bomber who encouraged the TSA to restrict liquids in carry on luggage to three ounces, thereby forcing all passengers to buy expensive replacements in the secure areas for whatever they had to discard at the checkpoints, and forcing on lactating mothers the indignity of having to drink their own breastmilk.

Succeded by the crotchbomber who encouraged the TSA to adopt the backscatter pornoscanners which force passengers to choose between the indignity of a permanently stored nude image or the indignity of an enhanced public sexual assault.

No, I see no pattern here.


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