Monday, December 20, 2010

Who Would Jeebus Fight?

"It's behavior you wouldn't expect to see at church, and it was all caught on tape.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 obtained video that shows members of two different Roswell churches fighting with each other.
The video was taken by members of Old Paths Baptist Church in Roswell while they say they were preaching outside of another church in the city on November 28th.
Armed with signs, Bibles, and a camera, members of Old Paths Baptist Church took their message to the streets.
"They may not like out method, they may think or method is too confrontational, never the less its our right to preach in public," said street preacher Jeremy De Los Santos.
In the video, Pastor Joshua De Los Santos, his brother Jeremy De Los Santos and several other members are seen standing outside Church on the Move.
The group is seen shouting from a mobile platform and holding up signs as church goers filed into Church on the Move.
But the shouting quickly turned physical. Associate Pastor Savino Sanchez, 63, was taken to the ground by members of Old Paths Baptist Church.
Three members of Old Paths Baptist Church, including Jeremy De Los Santos, were charged for the incident.
"I believe it has gone beyond lawful matters and its now gone to personal matters. Even with the release of this video it might make things worse," said De Los Santos.
Members of Old Paths had been in at least two other incidents around the city just a day earlier on November 27th."

Church league softball fistfight


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