Monday, December 20, 2010

Warm, Happy Puppy News Is All We Should Expect

Yes, yes, pack journalism and sensationalism rule the waves, but it's going to be different from now on, mark my words.

The world is in the process of collapsing around us and our overlords will busy themselves trying to turn everything to their advantage, so the great unwashed need to be lulled into torpid complacency. Everything will be business as usual in La La land america, especially in the next several weeks, even though people who aren't entranced by breaking Lindsay Lohan headlines will see a hallucinogenic disconnect from reality. Our capitalist betters need room to move while machinating their ways to glory and the last thing they need is for the sheep to get spooked.

So the tsunami of gulf oil went poof, our brave heroes continue to win in Eurasia and even though painfully slow the economic recovery is well underway. Hey, eat the seafood!

And this is why the unemployment figure never, ever gets to 10%, while reality is somewhere on the far side of 20%. Our masters of the universe know what numbers the hoi polloi will tolerate. A couple of dead US soldiers every day is just elevator music in the background while you watch NFL highlights, but if a Chinook goes down in the forest and nobody is around to hear a dozen screams, does it happen on the nightly news?

This doesn't mean the world doesn't have a few mud puddles we should frown at, no sir, even though the corrupt MSM duly saluted their marching orders to disseminate pablum. Gotta have a little yin with the yang, so the occasional FBI fairy tale gets tossed in the mix,but keep your dread in a relaxed but upright position as Napolitano lectures us all into a stern but snuggly group hug. No, our fear should be everpresent but low key, like a slight fever where you can get up and function, but you always know it's there. Meanwhile the harsh reality of a collapsing society and the stench of a decaying world can be kept growling just outside the door as long as we can crawl ever deeper into that infotainment, sport saturated, celebrity worship and TV cocoon, while our betters regale us with top ten lists and cautiously optimistic banalities.
If we keep our eyes on the baubles it'll all go away.


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