Monday, December 20, 2010

Here Comes The New "Al Qaeda" Infested Villain Du Jour

Ain't it oh so convenient the fascists can send in some operatives to blow some shit up and then claim that our omnipresent enemy 'Al Qaeda' is doing dastardly deeds there? Ever notice who empire wants to war with and especially where? This is all strategic theater. Any AQ are spooks and a few patsies, probably mind controlled, to strap on som explosive and splash themselves.

[As a side note Yemen was set up for villain status in October 2000 when the USS Cole had a hole blown in it in the port of Aden. It was probably a missile launched from an Israeli Dolphin submarine but someone claiming to be a member of you know who called in to claim responsibility.]

Immediately following 9/11 there was a talking point that the entire Bush mob repeated again and again. They all said the same thing many times - that the US was going to punish anybody who harbored AQ terrorists. Their agenda called for siezing control of vital areas around the globe in their quest for total domination in the years ahead, and they needed an ongoing justification to move in to those places. All those areas immediately became hotbeds of AQ activity and the fascists poured on the heat.

But take a look at where the fascists claim AQ (their own spooks, if that) has their bat caves and terrorist lairs. Always in a region where there's a shitload of oil and other resources or at a crucial geographic location. They made up the fantasy that Osama who supposedly pulled off 9/11 was based in Afghanistan (even though the designated patsies were, and still are, living in the middle east) in order to have strategic bases to control oil pipelines and the heroin profits, and for when america goes to war with Russia and China. The scumbags deliberately blurred AQ with Iraqis to sieze a stepping stone for war with Iran and to control the vast middle east oil fields. They magnified piracy off Somalia and invented you know who's presense there to move in on that country and now the big new threat is Yemen just across the gulf from Somalia.
It's so transparent it's beyond belief if you glance at a map.

One must assume the Persian gulf will be a smoking ruin and will shut down when the fascists finally do Iran. By controlling the Red Sea outlet they would have access to oil shipped by that route, especially with their despotic buddies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia on board. By paying off Saleh in Yemen to build (what are sure to be immense) bases in that country, empire would own that strategic part of the world for the forseeable future.
We can be sure that if ice becomes more valuable that Al Qaeda penguins will suddenly be found in Antarctica.
Now, if only something could be done about Sudan since they, oh...

Al Qaeda Is Entrenched In Sudan, U.N. Envoy Warns


Anonymous Nz said...

Hitler wanted the Nazi Party to secretly infiltrate the US Federal government and use it to build his empire.

It's beginning to look like he succeeded.

21/12/10 3:07 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Absolutely agree. Now that we know Operation Paperclip was far more comprehensive than previously realized, that the 1968 gun control was lifted verbatim from the Nazis, and that zionism is tied at the hip with the same, there's no question we live in proto fascist times

22/12/10 6:52 AM  

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