Friday, December 24, 2010

Fascist Manipulators May Feel The Need To Give Us A Booster Shot Of Their Terror Theatrics

Too much anti TSA sentiment. And the growing awareness of zionist crimes a la the close call with those bus ads in Seattle might require an "Al Qaeda" xmas innoculation of fear. Or at least vague references to some made up threat.

of course it's called antisemitic, it's always called antisemitic

New York City on Alert for Holiday Terror Attacks, Police Chief Kelly Says

"New York is “on alert” for possible terrorist attacks during the holiday season, although there is no information about specific threats to the largest U.S. city, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said.
The police department is taking additional steps to protect the city, such as deploying about 1,200 recruits graduating next week to the area around Times Square for New Year’s Eve, Kelly told reporters today following a promotion ceremony at police headquarters in Manhattan.
“We have no specific information, but we’re on alert,” Kelly said."

White House Issues Warning of Unspecified Homeland Terror

"Once again a terror warning has been issued with an unspecified homeland threat from Al Qaeda as U.S government preps the masses for a possible (false flag) terror attack.
Keeping the fear level pumping through the general public’s adrenal glands during the holiday season is their M.O, it is what they do best."


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