Monday, November 15, 2010

What You See Is What You Won't Get

Sara May, aka Katarzyna Szczolek, uses sexy bikini photos in campaign ad for Warsaw council seat

"Sex sells, but does it get votes? One Polish woman apparently hopes so.
Sara May, a pop singer whose real name is Katarzyna Szczolek, is running for a local office in Poland and hopes sexy photos of her in a bikini will help get her elected.
"I am honest, consistent, ambitious, hardworking and independent," the young singer says of herself on her Polish-language website, "I want to change the world and help people solve problems."
In one ad, she is seen lying on the sand in a bikini, declaring herself to be "beautiful, independent, and competent."
Another is a close-up photo of her holding a small dog, stating she is "honest, sincere and uncompromising."
May launched the unconventional campaign images to grab a district council seat in her hometown of Warsaw."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! That was just rude. LOL. You need to have a permalink so I can send this to other people.

15/11/10 5:19 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Just click on the time stamp at the bottom of the post with Blogspot blogs, anon, that will take you to the permanent link.

16/11/10 4:03 AM  
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