Saturday, November 13, 2010

Only Complaint Against Me In Five Years

I opened up Blogger and found this:
"We have received a DMCA complaint for your blog, piglipstick. An e-mail with the details of the complaint was sent to you on Nov 12, 2010 , and we reset the post status to "Draft"; you can edit it here. You may republish the post with the offending content and/or link(s) removed. If you believe you have the rights to post this content, you can file a counter-claim with us. For more on our DMCA policy, please click here. Thank you for your prompt attention."

Now I go to hundreds of websites with a bunch being a daily visit. One of those is the excellent Dprogram, where I found some audio files of an interview with Clif high from Half Past Human, home of the web bot project.
For those who don't know, that project attempts to foresee future events by scouring the web for linguistic clues. The interviw at Dprogram was riveting because basically the web bot project predicts a planetwide life changing event that may happen tomorrow.

Some things about blogging that I learned early on was that you don't plagiarize, you have the courtesy to link to sources and you don't use copywrite material. I've tried to stick with that assiduously. There's no profit motive in doing this blog and to be frank any links from here are altruistic in nature and will only advertise the sites that people go to.

That being said the interview with Mr. High was on a show called "Veritas", which I knew nothing about. But I do now. Apparently It was that show which made the complaint about my posting the interview because it was also taken down from Dprogram.
One slight problem. Here's a transcript from the Veritas 2 minute mark:

"As a two year anniversary gift to all of you, especially the less fortunate, I'm making this very important episode available to everyone at no cost. Traditionally I make the first segment available to all and the second segment available to members only."

There's also plenty of self promotion and self adverts with the broadcast, which is fine, and the show seems pretty interesting, but don't throw some of your product out and then try to stuff the genie back in the bottle, "Veritas".
The interview is interesting and could be important to all of us tomorrow so here it is again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I understand and appreciate the money making concept of free trade I strongly disagree with "Cliff" and others predicting doom and profiting from it. On two levels: only those who pay will "survive" or be "prepared"? And If it is truly predictive information, humanity deserves to be warned and take whatever action they deem necessary. And if the doom and gloom is true ...lives lost are on him (them). I would not want to look into the mirror the day after if I were them.

13/11/10 3:20 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Yeah anon, I agree about the doom profiteers. Isn't that the tactic of the fascists - instilling fear to have their way with us?

However in my instance it wasn't Mr. High who objected to public sharing of his views but this Veritas show. Apparently Clif is just an old hippy/hermit geek who got into this predictive linguistics and shares his findings quite willingly.

13/11/10 3:30 PM  

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