Monday, November 15, 2010

Yet One More Tall Building Gutted Without Disintegrating

It's gotten embarrassing that americans are such willfully ignorant dupes.

12 die as blaze engulfs China skyscraper

"A 30-story apartment building caught fire in Shanghai on Monday, killing at least 12 people and forcing others to jump from their windows to escape the flames, according to reports.
The building in the Jing'an District of the Chinese city was being renovated when a fire broke out at 2 p.m. local time (1 a.m. ET), the state-run Xinhua news service reported.
Xinhua said the flames quickly spread from scaffolding to the skyscraper.
Citing hospital officials, Shanghai Daily tweeted that 12 people had died and about 50 others were injured. Shanghai Daily said that about 90 people had been rescued from the site.
Witnesses said that several people had leapt from the burning building."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here the US promotes waterboarding as a way of life and yet no fewer than FOUR US Sailors each cave in after less than 12 hour of intense "interrogation" and confess to a murder/rape each had nothing to do with.

check this out:

A Miscarriage of Justice : The Norfolk Four
Four innocent men, Danial Williams, Joseph Dick, Derek Tice, and Eric Wilson, all veterans of the U.S. Navy, were convicted of crimes they did not commit. An objective, comprehensive review of this case by the nation’s leading experts in the fields of forensic pathology, forensic DNA analysis, crime scene reconstruction, and false confessions leaves no doubt that Danial, Joe, Derek, and Eric were wrongly accused, falsely confessed, and are all innocent. They were convicted based on false confessions extracted by a detective who has a documented history of eliciting false confessions and has recently been indicted by a federal grand jury on extortion charges.
now their lives are ruined forever and they lost the best years of their lives being jailed for a crime they never committed.

Go to for the website about how four sailors were intimidated and pressured into giving a confession to a murder and rape they never committed.

15/11/10 6:58 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I'd never heard about this, and it's pretty disgusting.
One wonders what sort of interrogation they went through.

16/11/10 4:10 AM  

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