Sunday, November 14, 2010

So Who Are The Terrorists Here?

Calif. School Shooter Drill Upsets Parents

A safety drill at a Warner Springs school intended to prepare students and school administrators for a gunman on campus is causing some concern for parents.
The active shooter drill will take place this week at Warner Springs School while students are in class. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department wants to make the drill as realistic as possible, which is why parents are so worried.
"I'm sure [the drill] is going to terrify them," said mother Tawnya Pitman, She has a 3-year-old son named Zayden at Warner Springs School.
A Sheriff's deputy told 10News that a former law enforcement agent will pose as a gunman running through the campus, which has students ranging from preschool to high school.
The agent will also fire several shots from a cap gun or starter pistol. Pitman and her husband believe that's where the drill goes too far.
"You don't need to have someone running around the school with a gun," said Pitman, who learned about the drill in a voicemail from the Warner Springs School District. "What kid needs to see that? There's enough drama in most of these kids' lives, [so] why go to school and make it worse?"
The Sheriff's Department said the drill is to prepare student for real-life shootings like the one in September at Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad.
Pitman said she feels her 3-year-old is too young to be exposed to gunshots.
"Hear gunshots? That can't be a comforting sound," she said.
She said she planned to keep Zayden home the day the drill took place, but she said because the school district won't tell her exactly when the scenario will happen, she plans to keep him home the rest of the week."

Some older students should tackle the asshole and beat the snot out of him. That will help end campaigns like this to instill fear at a young age.


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