Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nazis All The Time

Stalin and bin Laden simply don’t cut it. Only one man dominates the TV schedules

"I stayed in on my own the other night. I put on some slightly ripe lounging clothes, got my feet on the coffee table and began tantalisingly running my index finger up and down the television remote control. Many British middle-aged men reading this will think they know what’s coming next.
A night in with complete control of the remote? They’d do what lots of other British middle-aged men would do. They’d scour the satellite television channels for Adolf Hitler documentaries. This is a bit like looking for hay in a haystack. It’s often possible to plan the whole evening around the Führer. I had a quick look at the listings. There was a documentary about his final days, another about his attitude to the Channel Isles, another about the Night of the Long Knives, and so it went on. I’m amazed that someone hasn’t polarised this phenomenon and come up with the Hitler Channel. Then they’d no longer have to water down the content by including programmes about Elizabeth I or the invention of the hovercraft. It would be Adolf all the way.
For some reason, it seems British men of a certain age can’t get enough of him. He’s their Lady Gaga. One can imagine them laughing scornfully at their teenage kids and pointing out that Gaga’s not the first celebrity to wear crazy outfits and suffer undermining speculation about testicles."

"It’s a grim irony for the Germans that the darkest days of their history just happened to coincide with the only time they’ve ever been regarded as well dressed."

Now who would benefit from a never ending reminder of Hitler and the Nazis?

Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS


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