Thursday, March 25, 2010

Notice The Reason

Florida County school board rejects Taser proposal

"The Glynn County school board, voting 6-1 Tuesday night, rejected a proposal to arm the school system’s 24 police officers with Tasers.
School system Police Chief Ron Lee had requested the non-lethal weapons, saying officers needed them to do their job. The officers already carry .40-caliber semi-automatic pistols and pepper spray while some also have batons.
Board member John Madala, chairman of the board’s Safety and Discipline Committee, who advocated measure was the only one to vote for it.
Opposed were board Chairman Millard Allen, Vice Chairman Ray Snow and members Venus Holmes, Mike Hulsey, Jerry Mancil and Ruby Robinson. They cited the wishes of their constituents or concern that the school system would be sued if a student died or was severely injured after being tased."

Not because these inhumane eletrocution devices have been overused and have quickly risen to the top of threat level response by cops. Not because this is a school system meaning these are young children being talked about. Not because of the general repulsiveness of thugs with badges given power to be judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one.

No, the reason given is because out of control power trippers in uniform might do irreperable harm to somebody else's kid and their asses might be sued. Take away the threat of lawsuits and brownshirts like the school board would vote unanimously for whips and waterboarding.


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