Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Transexual Fascist Whines About His 1st Amendment Rights, While Actively Working To Silence You

Arthur Coltrane really is a pussy.

Right-winger Ann Coulter silenced by angry protesters at University of Ottawa

"OTTAWA - Hundreds of screaming students succeeded in what few thought possible Tuesday night - they silenced incendiary right-winger Ann Coulter.
Organizers for the American's tour of Canada scrubbed her much-anticipated speech at the University of Ottawa when students crowded the entrance before her arrival. A spokesman for the organizers said about 2,000 "threatening" students posed a security threat to the darling of the American right, and she was advised against appearing.
"It would be physically dangerous for Ann Coulter to proceed with this event," said conservative political activist Ezra Levant inside Marion Hall.
"This is an embarrassing day for the University of Ottawa and their student body . . . who chose to silence her through threats and intimidation."
The announcement was greeted with shouts of "Shame" and "We want Ann" from about 100 people who had managed to get into the hall.
Outside students celebrated: "Nananana, nanana, Goodbye Ann Coulter."
About 10 Ottawa police cruisers were called to the scene, but there was no violence.
Coulter expressed her outrage at the unfolding of events in Ottawa in interviews with the U.S. media.
"This has never happened before," she told The Washington Times Tuesday night.
"I go to the best schools, Harvard, the Ivy League and those kids are too intellectually proud to threaten speakers."
Calling the University of Ottawa a "bush league" institution, Coulter said "their IQ points-to-teeth ratio must be about 1-to-1."


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